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About Us

DCIA is a cooperative, multi-faith network offering care and support for the most vulnerable and forgotten in our community, and planting seeds in new initiatives to change lives in Durham. Its mission is to bring together congregations to promote understanding across boundaries of faith, race and ethnicity and build an inclusive community of justice and peace.

DCIA Affirmation: In a spirit of reconciliation and with gratitude for the gift of diversity, DCIA seeks to engage and empower people of faith to create a community of justice and peace through our common prayers and acts of compassion; and with prophetic courage to act as advocates for the dignity and well-being of all persons, recognizing that behind every human face is the face of God.

In 1969, four congregations in downtown Durham, NC, organized the Inner-City Church Council to address together needs for transportation and visitation for the elderly, and soon also started programs for children and youth. It incorporated in 1972, and during the next six years, membership grew to 12 congregations. In 1976, the group’s name changed to Durham Congregations In Action, and its membership continued to grow over the years to include dozens of congregations of Christians, Jews, Muslims, and others cooperating together in service.

During the following three decades, DCIA built a history of initiating cooperative programs among people of faith to address unmet community needs and put belief into action against poverty, racism and violence. Programs serving the Durham community that were launched or cosponsored at their start by DCIA have included:

Meals On Wheels
Urban Ministries of Durham
Emergency Energy Fund of DSS
Host Homes
Interfaith AIDS Alliance
Genesis Home
One World Market
Families First
Religious Coalition for a Nonviolent Durham
Interfaith Hospitality Network
Capital Restorative Justice Project
Ending Poverty Network
Reconciliation and Re-entry
Circles of Support and Accountability (COSA)

and MANY other shorter-term projects over the years. From the beginning, DCIA has created space and opportunity for people of different denominations, races, and faiths to share and listen with one another, to grow from each other’s strengths and experience, and to put shared values to work. The shape of our services over the years has changed, but DCIA has maintained its focus on being a cooperative, faith-based network offering care and support for the most vulnerable and forgotten in our community, and planting seeds in new initiatives to change lives in Durham.


Ms. Joy Mickle, President
Shambhala Buddhist Center
Rev. Dr. Warren Herndon, Vice-President
Greater Joy Baptist Church
Dr. Bob Newlin, Treasurer
Parkwood United Methodist Church
Ms. Rebecca Barnes, Mt. Bethel Presbyterian Church
Dr. Chuck Byrd, Westminster Presbyterian Church
Ms. Marilyn Christian, Pilgrim United Church of Christ
Ms. Jessie Giles, Fisher Memorial United Holy Church
Mr. Richard Hart, Beth El Synagogue
Ms. LaNella Smith, New Creation United Methodist Church
Imam Abdul Waheed, Duke University Center for Islamic Life
Gordon Whitaker, Watts Street Baptist Church
Rev. Spencer Bradford, Executive Director
Ms. Miriam Valle-Casarrubias, Office Coordinator

Durham Network of Care

For further resource listings, visit the Durham Network of Care website, where you can search both a directory or an interactive map for the following resources:
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- Housing Resources
- Employment and Financial Resources
- Mental Health Resources

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